*******Our New Year LIFE Group gatherings started January 15.  See New Topics Below*******

At Port City, we have many ways to connect with each other and study God's Word at the same time.  Our LIFE Groups and special study classes on Sunday AM and Wednesday Evening are the best way to do this. 

  • Fowl River Area - Bryant Life Group meets Sunday  at 5 pm.  Topic:  Awesome,Building Great Relationships by Rick Warren
  • West Mobile Area - Lucas/Harris group Sunday  at 5 pm.  Topic:    Living Jesus - Randy Harris 12-week Series 
  • West Mobile Area - Cooper/DeHart group.  Sunday 5 pm.  Topic:  Louis Giglio Win Some series
  • West Mobile Area - Oakes/White group.  Sunday 5 pm.  Topic:  The Jesus I Never Knew by Phillip Yancey
  • North/West Mobile Area - Thomaston/Bartlett group    Sunday after AM Service   Various Topics 
  • Midtown Area - Watson /Webb group.   Sunday 5 pm  Topic:  Lead Your Family Like Jesus  by Ken Blanchard, Phil Harris, and Tricia Goyer

Please contact our office for more information at (251) 665-5110  for more information

  • Sunday AM Classes - Meet just prior to our main Sunday AM worship.  Come early and grab a cup of coffee and croissant.  These are the studies we have going on now:
    • Williams Study Group - verse by verse study of the book of John
    • StewartStudy Group - various topics
    • Teen Group
    • Children's Class
  • Wednesday PM Studies - Meet at 6:30.  The studies now underway are
    • Stewart Class - New series - Spiritual Roots of the Churches of Christ
    • Ladies Class - Malachi Workbook and DVD Series
    • Teen Group
    • Children's Class